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Bambace Ltd Courses

Catalogue of Courses


    Ref CRO1

    This is offered to people who want to work or are already working in the CCTV Control Room environment.

    You will learn the duties and responsibilities of the professional Control Room operators. It is strongly recommended that Unit 1 (CRO1) be taken before Unit 2 (CRO 2)

    Ref CRO2

    This is Part 2 of the programme for operational staff. This assists Control Room Operators to master the vital skills of body language, recognition and interpretation.

    It is highly recommended that CRO1 should be completed before CRO2.

    You will learn how to analyse human behaviour patterns and recognise incident risk activities. The course is designed for Control Room Operators and Supervisors, retail staff, VIP Protection Personnel, Police and Prison Officers and all those involved in security observation roles.
    Ref CRO 7

    This course is designed as an update for Codes of Practice, operational issues and technical advances.

    It is a must for all personnel responsible for maintaining the safety of staff, public and premises. The course enables the delegates to build more confidence in carrying out their duties and doing it to international standards.
    Ref SV1

    Successful supervision of a control room team in the modern workplace demands a varied set of skills. The essential leadership qualities of a professional supervisor include a good knowledge of civil and criminal legislation and a sound grasp of communications, planning, problem solving and conflict management skills.
  • You will acquire these skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective and well-respected control room supervisor.


    Ref CSO

    This is designed for personnel responsible for maintaining the safety of staff, public and the premises.

    Those operating in commercial, government, public places, retail environments and industrial sites will derive particular benefit.

    The course enables the delegates to build more confidence in performance of their duties to international standards especially at the front desk of hospitals, hotels and multi-occupied office buildings.

    Ref. MEO

    This is aimed at Managers, Officers and any personnel responsible for the administration and operations of the Monitoring or Control Room.

    This one or half day brief will give you the insight into the CCTV Monitoring Room operations if you are new to the environment.

    The brief will enable you to understand the functions of the systems, activities and the responsibilities of the operators and supervisors.

    You will gain the skill and confidence to introduce a new scheme or improve and update your existing system and operations.



  • The security and safety of office-based staff is paramount to the existence of the organisation. In many cases, these matters are relegated from the top priority simply because a lot of issues are taken for granted. Where some amount of seriousness is attached to the subject, it is limited to shutting doors and windows before leaving after work.
  • In the modern days, where absolute care is not taken, organisations lose thousands and millions of dollars through negligence and little attention to safety and security of especially staff and equipment. This course is designed to highlight a lot of areas in office settings which need attention all the time to increase productivity and make staff alert and more responsible. The course covers physical security of the buildings to data protection.
  • Health and Safety is always a shared responsibility between the individual and the authority. At work the employer or authority is expected to take reasonable care to protect the employee from a form of risk, from unforeseen injury, disease or death at work.
  • Health and Safety at work is in many cases an Act of Parliament which streamlines the responsibilities among the various parties who are defined as part of the workplace. The interested parties identified are required to be aware of their responsibilities. In some cases employers start work without going through Health and Safety training which may end in disasters.
  • This course is designed to bring awareness to the employees and employers. It should also make Health and Safety a very important aspect of their responsibilities at work and even at home.

    With the frequent outbreaks of fire around the country which have caused massive losses to individuals and companies, it is very important that fire to handle fire at its initial stages has become very important to everybody.
  • Even it is very good practice to have regualr fire drills in the companies and do fire training, a lot of organisations relegate this issue to the background. In some cases when there was fire, employees were busy calling the fire service instead of tackling the fire to stop it spreading. Shameful to say that some had not used the fire extinguisher before and therefore could not operate one.
  • This course is designed to provide the individual with the basic of what do before the professional fire service personnel arrive at the scene of a fire.


  • The Security Guarding course focuses mainly on the role and responsibilities of a Security Guard within the Manned Guarding sector.
    This includes monitoring 'systems', manning gates, barriers and undertaking reception duties at corporate or commercial premises. Security Guarding training covers the role or use of communication in conflict management.

    This is a 4-5 day course which prepares the delegate to learn high professional skills to perform efficiently.

    This course covers all the elements in the Security Guard course to a more advanced level. A preparation to undertake Supervisory or Management roles of the Security Guard duties.

    The course covers all the administrative responsibilities that a supervisor is likely to encounter. Skills of very good report writing are an integral part of this course.

    This 4-5 day course prepares the delegate to become an effective Team Leader and to operate with very little support.

    This course is designed as a refresher training course for those guards who have no form of training in two or more years.

    The delegate will be taken through a number of modular courses in an advanced form to sharpen all their capabilities.

    Delegates are taken through a lot of scenarios and team building exercises in the four-day training.